The Earth Resorts


Born out of passion of one and dedication of the other, Earth Ranthambore is the fruit of labour of a Father-Son duo. Rajkumar Pareek, an Advocate by profession, always had a penchant for hotels and wanted to start his own chain of hotels but with a difference. Rohit, an engineer by qualification, leaving behind a career in Hong Kong, brought the dream of his father to reality by adding his heart and mind to bring something unique to the land of Ranthambore.The Duo believes that vacations are meant to break the monotony in life and so the monotony of structures should also break to bring freshness of perspective and relaxation to mind.



Within the earthiness of the space, luxury finds its own expanse and makes you feel like royalty. Well-equipped rooms with modern amenities and lavish interiors make you forget that you are in the wild until you peep outside the window. One of the amazing feature of these structures is that they are naturally insulated, so whichever season you arrive here, the cottages would always be comfortable. The structures are healing and healthy as no irritant chemicals are used during construction, hence allergies will keep at bay and the natural environment would renew your senses. Named after the elements of the Nature, both our Villas and Cottages are unique in experience and at par with each other.


Located near the Ranthambore National Park, the resort is adjacent to the green belt that surrounds the National park giving it the perfect backdrop for the escapade that brings you here. Spread across 5 acres of land, the milieu blends in with its environment perfectly. The Mud Structures similar to the olden times take you back to the era where sustainability was a way of life. Constructed with the locally sourced mud along with wheat husk and limestone, the structure is sturdy as well as resistant to natural calamities. Apart from being sustainable ecologically, the construction engaged the local community, which helped in empowering them and also retain an old lost skill. Using the Miyawaki technique, the enclosed resort space has 700 odd trees planted along with orchards with 500 trees having 17 different fruit species.