The Earth Resorts & Spa

The Earth at Ranthambore was born out of passion to bring a unique experience of witnessing wildlife in harmony with nature. ‘Anubhav’, which means ‘experience’, is what we bring to you, the one which replenishes your mind and soul with energy. The vibe of the place will rejuvenate and elevate your mood and put you in a mode to explore the atmosphere. With Mud Cottages built with natural and sustainable material sourced from in and around the site, our purpose was to not disturb the local ecology, rather blend with it.

The Mud Structures similar to the olden times take you back to the era where sustainability was a way of life. Constructed with the locally sourced mud along with wheat husk and limestone, the structure is sturdy as well as resistant to natural calamities.

Apart from being sustainable ecologically, the construction engaged the local community, which helped in empowering them and also retain an old lost skill. Using the Miyawaki technique, the enclosed resort space has 700 odd trees planted along with orchards with 500 trees having 20 trees different species.

Within the earthiness of the space, luxury finds its own vastness and makes you feel like royalty. Well-equipped rooms with modern amenities and lavish interiors make you forget that you are in the wild until you glance outside the window or sit in the lounge next to your personal lawn