The main motto of our Earth at Ranthambore resort is to share information that helps members to prepare for such update meetings. And also to share the output with the group from those meetings for discussion. Then we have to assist other members to state, the date of the meeting, venue (Resort name and location), and comments from the meeting (good or bad). Also if possible, we share the name of the DR Representative also. There are a number of learning units designed to assist members with preparation and feedback from meetings. After getting the feedback we put all strenuous efforts to provide more reliable services to all our guests.

Hotel loyalty programs or hotel rewards programs are usually run by hotel chains. It is a marketing strategy that hotel chains use to attract and retain businesses in relation to their property. The program is designed to encourage customers, especially business people or other regular hotel guests, to prefer certain brands or hotel groups to other hotels by offering discounts or benefits such as upgrades.

Loyalty programs for hotels are usually free and can have several levels. New members receive certain benefits, such as free internet access, to participate in the program. This gives guests the incentive to participate in the program even if they don’t expect to move to the next price level.

The upper tier of the program typically offers a number of benefits including free room upgrades, bonus points, 24/7 mobile stay, free access to other hotel amenities such as buffet breakfast, sun loungers, spa, and more. The intermediate and upper tiers are usually achieved by staying for a few days during the membership year, or by purchasing a credit or debit card associated with one of the hotel chains or partners.

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